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About Us

Our Goals: To develop each players individual and team skills, both mentally and physically, in a FUN, competitive and challenging environment.

We are the vikings

The Season runs from September until the end of April, ending with Provincial Championships. Teams will compete in a minimum of 5 OVA sanctioned tournaments during the year, including Provincials. Teams may choose to attend Nationals, location dependant.

What it takes to be a Ottawa Valley Viking:

  • dedication
  • hard work
  • coachable
  • team before self
  • continuous learner
  • growth mindset

So you wanna be a VIKING?

The Ottawa Valley Vikings Volleyball Club, offers your athlete the highest level of competitive volleyball in the area.

BEHAVIOR: All Players and parents are expected to behave in a manner that brings credit to themselves and the club. Players must control their emotions at practice and tournaments. Disruptive behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct will NOT be tolerated.

Tournament locations

In years past, the furthest teams have had to travel for tournaments is Oshawa and Markam, with places in between and are ONE DAY. Provincial Championships will be held in Toronto this year, and is a 3 day event. The club is bidding to host at least ONE tournament locally in each age division.

Practice Times

Vikings will practice two times per week, 2 hours each night with the possibility of some additional team building, skill development, conditioning etc…throughout the year. Specific practice time and location for each age group will be communicated before the end of tryouts.

Playing Time

This is a competitive club, wins are not everything but it is the goal every time we step on the court. Players will receive FAIR playing time, NOT EQUAL playing time.

What is the cost?

The cost for new athletes who will require a full uniform package will be $1000.00 for the season and includes the following: 2 jerseys with players name and number, on pair of shorts, one warm up shirt. Insurance and registration with the OVA and volleyball Canada was extra. All tournament entry fees, associated gym fees, team and individual photograph, and honorariums was included. The fee for returning athletes who do not require a uniform will be $800.00 and will include a warm up shirt, and pair of shorts. We are a non profit organization, and don’t make any money from your athlete.We are also one of the cheapest volleyball clubs in Ontario.

How long is the season?

 Our season begins in September and goes until the end of April.

What is the commitment?

This is a competitive club, and the expectations are that practices and tournaments are given proper priority in athletes schedules so they make (almost) all the practices through the season. Practices are twice a week for two hours. The Athlete is expected to ensure all homework is done on nights where volleyball is scheduled so they are not falling behind with school work or missing valuable practices.

Where do we play?

We play in what the OVA calls region 6 which is Eastern Ontario. The furthest we have played regular season tournaments is North Bay, Orillia, Kingston and Cornwall with places in between.

Who do we play?

The Ontario Volleyball Association looks after tournament schedules and rankings for the entire province. We play teams from around the province that are similarly ranked.

How do tournaments work?

Tournaments are a very exciting time for our teams to test what we have been learning and practicing. Tournaments vary from a 9-12 team format. The morning is round robin pool play, and afternoon a double elimination playoff format. All matches are a best 2 of 3 sets. Team parents provide a healthy pot luck lunch for the athletes and parents. Parents may also be required to line or score the games. Team managers usually assign duties.

Is my child guaranteed to play?

For age groups 13u-15u the OVA has a fair play policy, this ensures that all athletes get play. What the policy states is that if the athlete does not start the first set, they must start the second set, if the match goes to a third set, the coach can determine who plays. 16u age group has a fair play policy for pool play only.17u and 18u playing time is earned and not given. We encourage fair playing time, which doesn’t mean equal playing time. We are a competitive club, wins are not everything, but it is the goal every time we step on the court.

What are the age groups?

The age groups range from 18u to 13u defined by the chronological, and extended age category birthdates (link to age categories) outline by the OVA.

What equipment does my athlete need to play?

Your athlete should have their own court shoes, knee pads, some athletes may benefit from ankle braces, as ankle injuries are most common in our sport, but are not required. A water bottle is required for practices and tournaments.

How many practices per week are there?

There are two practices per week with the occasional additional training opportunity which may include yoga sessions, mental training, position-specific clinics, or scrimmage nights.

What is the provincial championship tournament?

The provincial championships is a three day tournament at the end of the season. This year its held in Waterloo, Ontario. With the exception of the following age groups who’s Provincial Championships will be held in Ottawa (15u Girls, 13u Girls, 17u Boys) This three day tournament hosts every team in the province at each age group. We play all season and achieve a provincial ranking. This weekend we get to play teams from across the province with a similar ranking. This is the highest level volleyball available in the province for each age group. This has been the highlight of the season for many of our athletes and is an incredible experience. Many age groups feature 120 teams playing on 27 courts all under one roof.

What do I have to do as a parent?

You will be expected to drive your athlete to and from practices and tournaments. Contributing a healthy option to tournament pot luck lunches. One parent is required to complete an online Respect in Sport Module ($12.00) and provide certificate number to team manager. At tournaments, you may be required to do scoring and line judging. At the provincial championships, you will be required to line or score.

Do I have to fundraise?

No formal fundraising programs are in place.

When are tournaments?
Please see link on our homepage for tournament schedule.
How do I get involved as a parent?

Each team requires a team manager to help out with the team. We are always looking for coaches and assistant coaches. Scoring and line judging at tournaments. Pot luck lunches at tournaments. Photographs at tournaments (we love to see our athletes in action) or if you have a unique skill set and want to contribute let us know.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Are there boys teams?
This depends entirely on committed interest per season.
What happens to the Ontario Championships travel reimbursement?

Our executive has voted unanimously in an effort to keep registration costs to a minimum, to apply the reimbursement to equipment and club costs.